••    Rancho Burica    ••

Rein, a 40 year old man from rotterdam. His tico name; Reynaldo. A social human being, everyones friend. An authentic character combined with a dry sense of living. He keeps the fire of Rancho Burica burning, a place unlike many others. Owned by 20 people from Holland, including Rein. Rein also sells wheelbarrows all over Costa Rica, Eurotec wheelbarrows, high quality stuff. The tico's dig them. He straps them on the roof of his defender and personally delivers them all across the country.

Settled at the end of the road in Punta Banco, Rancho Burica hosts a unique environment. There is a left hander with a 100 different faces, just a stone throw away of the idyllic yet rustic cabins they rent out. Plenty of other spots around the rancho are to be found and it is just minutes away of the 2nd longest lefthander in the world.

Yet there is something else to the experience of this habitat. It might be the location in the midst of a vibrant jungle. It could be the radiant simplicity of the place and its life pace. Or that it sits so close to the lively pacific ocean. Maybe its something in the ground. Or the people that surround it. The fact that it doesn't brag about it being so special, somewhere on some website. Or the result of all these factors… it's a special place that one has to experience.

I surfed, everyday. On all kinds of boards. A shortboard, a longboard and many boards in between. Celebrating surfing in all its forms.

I hope you get to see this place too.